Eating Acai


Founded from a passion of quality food and ingredients and a love for all things healthy. We are a gluten-free brand that focuses on the health and environmental implications of the food industry. 


A sustainable approach to business ensures long term success.


Our products have been created to be ‘best of breed’ and we are always looking into development on how and what we can produce and combat a variety of issues we feel passionate about in the food industry.

We have a team of advisors and nutritionists to assist in our product development to ensure they give your body just what it needs and then a team of foodies to make sure they taste fantastic.

We focus on a few key words that dictate our every move:


  • Quality 

  • Sustainable 

  • Healthy 

  • Natural 

  • Convenient 

  • Champion

Jonathan Bailey (Founder and CEO) has been producing and supplying the supermarkets and retail sectors since the age of 21.

Jonathan's passion in the food industry has driven the brand to what it is today, ensuring our company goals are met with every product we produce. A quote form Jonathan:


‘’Food is my passion and innovation is my obsession. I wanted to create a range of products that taste amazing, are quick, simple and easy to eat, fuel your body with quality ingredients and deliver balanced nutritional's.

I want to ensure our products have a sustainable future by focusing on recyclable and compostable materials. I have always hated the plastic porridge pot, now we have a solution."